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ASD&D specializes in the detailing of steel structures for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional buildings, Stadiums and other non-typical projects. We also provide consulting services, checking shop drawings for correctness of geometry and connection details. We are a dedicated team of professionals with unique experience in structural detailing and design. Our founder got his start in 1983 as a structural engineer in the former USSR, working on designs for many projects, including earthquake-proof steel structures built in many countries throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and the former Soviet Union. He had achieved the position of Chief Structural Engineer of Projects, designing structures such as a 1200 foot high TV tower (tallest such tower in any seismically active zone in the world), commercial buildings up to 25 stories in height, and industrial structures and buildings up to 500 feet high with a span of up to 160 feet. Together we have had more than fifteen years of experience in structural steel design in former Soviet Union.

After moving to the United States in 1994, we worked in several construction firms. Over the last seven years, my co-worker and I worked together as structural steel detailers for a company which does steel fabrication and erection.

We are proficient in the detailing of new steel structures of any size, complexity, and configuration as well as work on renovations, expansions and improvements of existing buildings and steel framings. We have extensive knowledge of 3-D geometry and trigonometry and a strong ability to find creative solution for solving any intricate problem in detailing and design to make things work right. And our commitment to quality is now consolidated by our position as an AISC Associated member.


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