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We implement a station with SDS/2 Structural Detailing Software by Design Data – you can read more about it at This automated computer software enables us to build 3-D models of steel structures and allows us to design and detail all connections, backed by structural calculations. Subsequently, SDS/2 creates shop detail drawings for all assemblies and each individual small part. The utilization of SDS/2 software gives us the ability to complete drawings in a shorter period of time and allows us to replace as many as five CAD drafters with one professional, reducing both cost and human’s error factor to a minimum. Moreover, SDS/2 gives us the ability to produce isometric erection views to help the erector better visualize the structure. For small and miscellaneous jobs and for geometrical, two-dimensional layouts we also have stations equipped with AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD 2005. We can print drawings from size 8 ½”x11” to 36”x48”.

If necessary, we can establish joint ventures with other detailing firms to increase man-power for large-scale projects or for the detailing both structural and architectural-miscellaneous steel. This enables us to provide precise, on-time service for our customers.


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